Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chaining for Shinies

So I said I was going to talk about whatever I wanted to talk about here, and this is me starting to do that. Right now, I want to talk about the new Pokemon games (Sun and Moon) and let me just start off with saying I honestly feel like the story in Sun and Moon is the best story any main franchise Pokemon game has ever had. I actually felt attached to the NPCs. Even the ones I thought I was going to detest ended up growing on me (tbh I'm talking about Guzma, he's my favorite now, ask my fiance I think he might be getting kind of jealous).

But that aside I've been doing a lot of shiny chaining recently and I want to talk a little bit about the process here and statistics and such. I don't want to be that jerk that makes you go to a bunch of different web pages just to find out what I'm talking about either, but bear with me for a second if you don't because I'm going to lead with some numbers in case anyone is here because they're like me and interested in the statistics of this.

Below are the shinies that Josh and I have and how many we had to chain to get them; I've been keeping track here trying to get an idea of averages and things.

Bruxish (Josh) - 71
Cutiefly (Me) - 315
Spinarak (Me) - 42
Dewpider (Me) - 373

I'm working on Grubbin right now and if I get it before I'm finished writing this I'll go back and stick it on the list.

Anyway, here's how this works. Pokemon in Sun and Moon do this thing where they call for help and drag other Pokemon into the battle. These are SOS Pokemon. So once the Pokemon you're trying to chain has called an SOS Pokemon, you knock one of them out, and then wait for that pokemon to call another SOS Pokemon. Keep doing this and the more Pokemon get called in, the longer your chain.

I start my chain count at the very first one, not the first SOS one, so just bear that in mind when I'm talking about numbers. It's also worth noting that they only start doing this after you've beaten the first totem Pokemon! So it doesn't happen right out of the gate.

The specific numbers seem to be up in the air. Your odds of finding a shiny organically without doing anything to find it on purpose are 1 in 4096. Not stellar but not horrible considering that before X and Y they used to be 1 in 8192.

Well, what I'm gathering is that those odds get shorter every time you chain, until you've done it 40 times and then they'll be stuck at 1 out of 200 from that point on. I've also heard that once you chain past 60 it just gives you 3 extra rolls for the shiny instead of actually increasing your odds. I've heard a lot of things, but what I actually know from experience is that I got obscenely lucky with my Spinarak,

Anyway if you're going to do this, you're going to want at least two adrenaline orbs. What those do is increase the odds of the Pokemon calling for help in the first place, and you want the second one because if you throw it again it won't use up the item but it does burn your turn without you having to use another item or use a move. This is useful because you aren't knocking the Pokemon you're trying to get out or wasting other objects.

Have a Pokemon that knows a move like Hold Back or False Swipe. What this does is damage, yes, but it will for sure not knock out a Pokemon that you want to call for help and if it's under 50% health it is far more likely to make the call. This is something you want to happen because even if it does call there's no guarantee the help will actually show up so you want it crying out as much as possible.

You're probably also going to want leppa berries because as you can see up there, this can take a /freaking/ long time to do. Leppa berries replenish your PP by 10. If you don't have something that can do this you're running the risk of just flat running out and that's no fun. Also the leppa berries have the added bonus that you can straight up breed them in pokepelago for free. So super useful, they grow in sets of 12 so they're easy to replenish, and they are going to be invaluable for your efforts.

While you're at it, consider sitrus berries too. They come in sets of 15 when you grow them, they are really easy to find and they restore a high percentage of your HP (I'm reading 1/4th) which makes it viable for higher level pokemon unlike the Oran berry that does a flat 10.

All I'm saying is potions run you a lot of money after a while and sitrus berries are free and you're going to be sitting there taking damage for a very long time even if it's in increments of one or two.

Adrenaline orbs only cost 300 pokedollars and by end game that's pretty much pennies to you. I have 68 of them in my bag right now because I'm the kind of trash that sees something I use and even if I already have a lot of it I buy more anyway if I think there's a good chance I'll use it eventually.

Anyway, it's super grindy. But all of my shinies that I've gotten this way have at least 4 perfect IVs each, even the Spinarak that I got in 42 chains--and it's worth noting that the Dewpider that gave me so much trouble has 5. So even if you don't care whether or not the pokemon is shiny it's worth doing because they are very likely to be superior. I've even heard guaranteed and I'll totally come back and let you know if I experience anything that disproves that.

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