Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Big Fat Geek Wedding

So if you've been reading along with me so far you've heard me reference my fiance, Josh. He's a huge part of my life, I'm in nigh constant contact with him, when it comes to things like writing and tabletopping pretty much everything I do goes through him too because he's always right there to talk to. He is in every way my life partner.

And he's a bigger geek than I am. Well. Okay not necessarily bigger, just a geek in different ways sometimes. The point is, he is my fiance, and the implication with that is that eventually there's going to be a wedding.

And I was reading this bridal book that I got for Christmas and it occurred to me that this is actually a totally relevant topic for my blog. Bear with me for a minute.

Every article I've read about planning a wedding talks about how when you're planning a wedding people expect it to be memorable and all of the source material acts like you're trash if everything isn't perfect. But Josh and I, we're not traditional kind of people and we've decided that we're going to have this wedding the way we want to and forget what anyone else has to say about it. We're going to treat it like the big party that it is.

And we're going to have a D&D theme.

Mind you we're not planning on having this thing until fall of 2018, we haven't set a date or booked a venue yet, all I have is pinterest and a bunch of ideas for things I'd like to do (for instance instead of numbering tables have them all be classes like "Rogues" and "Fighters"). I'm pretty stoked about it, and I've only gotten stressed thinking about it once and that's because two of my brides maids are coming in from New York and Oklahoma respectively. I live in Ohio for some context on that, it's a farther trip for LynZ than it is for Faith.

But my online community is actually super important to me and I wouldn't feel right if they weren't there. So the stress dream was basically that something had to be rushed and they didn't have time to actually get here and it was just awful, but fortunately that's the only one I've had so far and hopefully it stays that way.

But I'm going to go ahead and make the title of this journal one of my tabs and topics and blog about it whenever relevant stuff comes up to do with it because hey, it's on my mind a lot and this is my blog and my goal was just to write and not about anything super specific.

I'd say I'd try not to gush too much but that would be a bald faced lie. I'm going to hella gush. Why wouldn't I, I'm getting married : D To the best person ever. And I'm just really stoked that he was game to go into it all casual with me and not have to do a bunch of crazy traditional things, we're just going to make it us.

We still have plenty of time to plan this thing so I'm 100% open to ideas. Let me see if I can link my pinterest board here actually.


Oh good it worked. So yeah more on that later ^_^

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