Monday, January 23, 2017

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Standalone Novels

Torchlighters - This book is basically Goodfellas, but everything is powered by summoning and siphoning power from demons. The physical copies should be available soon, but for now, it's only 99 cents digitally on Kindle.

The Nimbus Mysteries
[My tabletop group and I were playing Shadowrun and we finished one adventure and decided the system wasn't for us, but I really missed our characters so I kind of moved them into a more generic cyberpunk setting and kept writing about them, that is basically what this is.]
Nimbus is a mercenary, the kind of small scale urban one that you hire when you want some dirt dredged up on a political rival or you just want someone to cause some trouble for you. Her hacking skills are at your fingertips, for a price. If only it weren't for that unfortunate habit she's developed of stumbling across dead bodies...

Book 1: 404: Killer Not Found

Book 2: Bread and Circuits

Book 3: He's Dead, Nim

Book 4: Hot-Style Takeover

The Chronicles of Drasule
(This one is only available digitally)
The city of Drasule exists surrounded by miles of dying lands saturated with a corruption that is meant to kill anything it touches. It is kept out of the city by a holy tree, Pan'Drasule, that its inhabitants worship and care for with reverence. The city is divided between the noble ruling class of psions, and the regular common folk below them.

Book 1: The Revenant Pact
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Book 2: Black Alchemy
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Book 3: The Lost Psion

Shea Centore - In case you're curious about the cover art for the Drasule Series, this amazing artist is the one responsible. She's been awesome working with me and is 100% worth checking out if you're in the market for an illustrator.

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  1. Found you, Nerdarchist! Sleuthing you in cyberspace now . . . and digging hell out of Drasule Chronicles.