Thursday, January 12, 2017

Player's Log: Let Me Tell You About Nicophel

So I talked a little bit about the one-shot I DMed during the off season while one of our party members, June, was gone for Christmas break. We're about to launch into Horde of the Dragon Queen, after having just played Lost Mine of Phandelver. The party is Level 5 and I am totally stoked to be sitting in the player's seat for a while because I'm usually the person DMing. Right now, my fiance Josh is stuck with that responsibility.

So I'm going to ramble a little bit about the party we have and what's happened so far. Spoilers ahead for Lost Mine if you haven't played it or read it yet, just a fair warning.

The Party:

>Nicophel Arthainas - That's Me - Elven wizard, moon elf to be exact. He's got the noble background, is the seventh son of a seventh son whose father only inherited the family's lands and titles because his six older brothers all died during the spellplague. Nicophel is a twin, and he writes to his sister Sylthiel all the time to let her know he's doing okay. He was mugged on his way into town when the story started and carried around bruises for a little while but he's getting to the point that he's learning how people are and beginning to be able to hold his own.

>Stalkurn XV - Patrick - I'm going to level with you Patrick is always playing a drow rogue named Stalkurn. But it's not exactly the same drow rogue, it's just a line of drow rogues who are all named Stalkurn and are pretty much the same snarky bastard. He's a fast talker, a charismatic asshole, and everything he owns is purple and gold. If you play in one of our campaigns with this group you probably know a Stalkurn.

>Iroh - Cody - Human. He's a ranger that took all his favored enemies in Humanoid. Basically he's only a ranger on paper, the truth is he's an assassin. We don't know a whole lot about him other than that he's got loose morals and will kill for coin and it doesn't particularly matter a lot to him who.

>Varis the Illustrious - Elven fighter, cannot say no to a dare. The first real interaction he and Nicophel had together was outside a cave with a bunch of goblins in it and Nicophel got him to go in and fight the goblins by taunting him and saying "Oh, I bet you can't kill eight of them" to which Varis immediately just had to go and do that thing. We found out a little later on in the adventure that all of his noble papers are forged and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what that whole thing is about.

So that's the party. We got into Phandelin and the very first thing Stalkurn did was make a loud announcement that anyone that needed help should go to the town hall and we were taking requests. Josh gave him a point of inspiration for that. This was while Varis and I were killing a bunch of goblins.

They did catch up with us fairly quickly. The bugbear nearly killed us and after we got into the room with Sildar and the bunch of goblins Iroh shot the goblin on the big raised thingy before he could threaten Sildar and we got him out and that was a happy day.

We went after this gang that had been harassing the town, the redbrands, shortly after that, took out a bunch of them, stole some of their cloaks, found out they'd been selling slaves. Found out where the slaves were. Are presently still going after those.

We tried to make a deal with the drow that was puppeteering the redbrands and of course he betrayed us and we had to kill him, and that really upset Nicophel because while he'd killed people before that was really the first time he'd had to do it to someone he'd exchanged words with if that makes sense. Like, there's killing a person and then there's killing a person. 

Stalkurn helped him dig a grave for the drow and didn't ask for anything in return. It was touching all around. Then we found out that the slaves the redbrands took were probably in Greenest and instead of taking the road like we were supposed to Nicophel chartered a ship to ferry us that way. So for that Josh went off book and ran a Magical Murder Mystery on Ringmaster's Captivating Caravel.

We framed some dragon cultists for the murder because the person who did it was a member of the Zhentarim and three out of four of our party members are also members. Hint: It's not me. But I wasn't about to screw them over because Nicophel while being a basically good person (and flirting with Silver Fox Paladin Sildar earlier) is slowly being corrupted by the party.

Anyway we should pick this back up on Saturday and I'm going to make an honest effort to write about it like right after it happens instead of weeks later like I did this time so the details will be less foggy and it will just be a generally all around better time.

It's worth noting Nicophel has some character goals not the least of which is to come up with some of his own spells. Because look at that name, doesn't it just look like it should be tacked onto some spells? Nicophel's Mystic Marking or something like that? I think it would be a nice way to keep hanging onto him after I'm done playing him. Someday he'll be one of those super powerful wizards people nod back to as an example.

-Fortune Favors

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