Friday, February 3, 2017

Chaining for Shinies pt 3 [How to get around ghost types]

For posterity, these are my notes for chaining shinies in the past:

Bruxish (Josh) - 71
Cutiefly (ZK)* - 60
Rockruff (ZK)* - 35
Salandit (ZK)* - 70
Cutiefly (Me) - 315
Spinarak (Me) - 42
Dewpider (Me) - 373
*With the Shiny Charm

The ever elusive grubbin still eludes me, but I'm getting back on the horse tonight. I am only 12 into the chain so far but I have high hopes for tonight, or at least to get a good distance into the chain again. Dear god this is mindless work, and I'm trying to do it while I'm writing so my attention to the blog will likely not be full focus as I am indeed trying to novel, but once in a while I'll pop back here and make a note or two.

Now I may as well make this blog entry useful and use it to pass on some information I haven't gotten to implement yet but that worked for Jack, an online friend of mine.

Okay so a lot of the new ghost shinies are bamf af and everybody wants them. Everybody wants that greyscale mimikyuu and that black sandyghast. But Hold Back and False Swipe are both normal type moves and don't effect ghost types. I am going to spell out what to do about that for you.

The grass outside of Po Town has Pancham. Go mill pancham until you get one with its hidden ability. Scrappy will allow you to hit ghost type pokemon with normal type moves and pancham's evolutionary line can learn False Swipe.

Yeah it's really that simple. Just expect it to be time consuming. There's no guarantee the first one, two or even five panchams you catch will have the right ability. But once you've got it, you've got it and you can use the same one to get all those sweet, sweet ghost types you want.

Everything below the line is just be making notes on my current shiny chain and bitching about how long it takes so please feel free to skip over that if you want. I highly doubt you're going to find it interesting but it's my blog and it's useful for me.


Checking back in, sitting on 50 grubbin. 100 grubbin. Using a leppa berry on my false swipe now, 100 is a good bookmark for that.

So if things keep going the way they are going I'll probably end up busting 300 before I get my grubbin. I am currently sitting on 152 and taking another break.

Wow this blog entry is bland. I'm not really talking about anything but it's just such a convenient place to keep my notes.

Just hit 200, taking another break. It's way easier in chunks like this, should have done that in the first place. 300. Fuck I just broke 400 grubbin. Like seriously that just happened. This is the third time I've chained over 300 grubbin and I'm starting to think my game just has something wrong with it and cannot yield a shiny of this species.

After that experience looked it up again, internet is saying odds are 1/516 so I guess that's not statistically unlikely but at least if that's true I should find it soon. Like damn I was going to schedule this but all this post is is quite literally just me complaining about how long it's taking to get this shiny grubbin and some additional data I gathered from an online friend on chain lengths.

If 516 is correct I am now in statistical improbability territory. I'm on 550. And let me tell you these grubbins do not want to give up the shiny to me. The first time I tried chaining them I accidentally ran because I was using the joystick instead of the direction pad. The second time I don't even know what happened I just was standing in the grass. The third time I got to almost 400 grubbin and was carrying my 3DS in my pocket at the grocery store, and it fell out and ejected the game cartridge because I was being a full on bonobo.

But at this point I am just frustrated and done. I really want the grubbin in this chain even if it's being a pain in the butt. Like, seriously, I feel like I've been doing this for a thousand years.

600 grubbin. 650 grubbin.

I clocked out at 678 grubbin when I brick break'd when I meant to false swipe, so still no grubbin after all that. I haven't given up yet though. At least my cubone evolved.


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