Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dear Anime: Please Shut Up About Your Main Character

So remember how I was really loving Log Horizon? SPOILERS FOR LOG HORIZON AHEAD.

I just hit the part in the series where three separate characters have their brains leak out their ears and suddenly start crushing on Shiro, and everybody else wants to talk about nothing else, and suddenly some monarch from a different in game area wants to bone him.

Wow, can you stop please.

Like I get that writing is basically just wish fulfillment, and everybody wants to be respected and talked about and liked and shit, but seriously this is ridiculous. And it happens a lot in anime, and an embarrassing amount in books and stuff.

Listen. You have drama going on. And world building. And a mystery that I'm on the edge of my seat about seeing. Does your main character really need three different women in love with him? Do people really need to sit there and talk about how brilliant and scary he is? And if everyone is respecting and loving him so much how do you justify continuing to call him a socially inept dork when he is so obviously not?

You can't have it both ways, anime. I'm looking at you too, Urban Fantasy. Please stop acting like the rest of your cast is just furniture for your main character to lean on, I am very sure that the split of people who like and dislike your main character is not exactly the same as the split of good and evil people in your world.

And not everyone has to absolutely love or absolutely hate this person, why do you feel the need? We were tired of hearing about you brag on yourself your main character the first three times you did it, you can take your foot off the gas. We know your character is bad ass. We've seen them in action. When you have the rest of your characters stand around and talk about how badass and scary and respectable your main character is it just comes off as super cheap like you aren't confident you've shown us they're a badass well enough.

The world does not revolve around you, protagonist. Will you stop being such a boosted animal.I'm believing in you less and less by the second.

If you love your protagonist please get them out of your story's way. Please.

That said. At the very least the women that are in love with the main character in Log Horizon kind of make sense. One of them is in Middle School and they play it off totally realistically for how a middle schooler would behave. And the other one I guess seems like the kind of person that would be into his character archetype but it just seemed sort of arbitrary and unnecessary to me.

I mean still, though, at least the characters are getting some characterization. At the very least I'd believe it out of an RP party. Except the part where all the guys continuously talk about how awesome Shiro is and keep wondering when he's going to get to do more stuff.

Today I Learned: Ocean Sunfish are the most useless animal ever.

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