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Player's Log: Castle in the Sky

Happy Saturday! Once again doing the pre-writing for my live blogging of our weekly D&D game while everybody else is leveling. Gonna get right to it.


Pre-Game Reference Stuff:


So we just took the portal into a different place and we're not 100% sure where we're going only that Nicophel accidentally sent Stalkurn there for a minute last week. That said we're probably kicking this week off with some out of character discussions because of the library kerfuffle next week ;w;


Cast of Characters:

Nicophel Arthainas - Moon Elf Wizard - Me : D - Robed and wielding the Glass Staff of Defense. He's quiet and observant, and considers himself the definition of a subtle wizard. (He isn't.) Nicophel does not like to be spoken to as though he doesn't know what he's talking about. Currently undergoing an alignment shift.

Varis the Illustrious - Elven Fighter - June - Big armored badass, his noble papers are faked, cannot say no to a challenge. He's arrogant and (kind of) short tempered, but unquestioningly strong and an amazing warrior. He's also a fucking maniac that does things like throw dead bodies out of windows.

Stalkurn XVI - Drow Rogue - Patrick - Stalkurn as Stalkurn always is (Yes this is actually the 16th Stalkurn Patrick has actually played; not the same Stalkurn but Stalkurn son of Stalkurn--the one in the Nim books was Stalkurn the 8th so he's a great great ect grandfather of this Stalkurn). His personality traits literally say "Is Great" and his "Ideals" are "To be Greater". His bonds say "I love myself". That should give you an idea of who this guy is.

Iroh - Human Ranger/Fighter - Cody - Really fucking hates dragons and will always kill them. Also a bounty hunter so his other favored enemy is "humans". Is very probably named after the one from "Avatar". Is the most rational party member.


The Hunting Lodge

We come out in a row of portals that seem to go all over the place. Varis decides it's a good idea to go through the front door and so we do. Again, it seems as though we're dungeon crawling so I'm just going to hit you with the story highlights.

Stalkurn gets frozen in the doorway. Nicophel casts magic missile at him to thaw him and then gives him a healing potion. Varis straight up steals two suits of plate armor and straps them to his back I quote "like a fucking sedan".

We then get the jump on some gargoyles. Patrick won't stop saying "sus" even if the situation is not "sus" at all. Varis is quickly becoming the old woman in The Labyrinth with all the junk on her back. We're picking through some people's bedrooms and taking all their crap.

We go into the kitchen and the humans working there get pissed because Varis has the suits of armor from the hallway citing that it has the same paint job and then Stalkurn puts some of the armor on and says "See, totally different paint job". Stalkurn has a homebrew ability that turns everything he equips to himself gold and purple.

At this point I got up to go make food and came back to the party asking Nicophel to investigate the pantry. He found a hidden compartment in the floor with the silverware hidden inside it. I got up to go actually get my food out of the microwave and apparently there are barns now.

We are now fighting a troll and a minidragon and of course Iroh just immediately shoots it and we have a troll to contend with. Fortunately Nicophel is a smart person and knows that trolls are weak to fire. AND he just changed his spell school to Loremastery so he can substitute other kinds of damage with flamey damage. This was the first good initiative roll he has gotten all game thanks to being able to sub in his int mod instead.

The troll had a crappy clammy cloak that Stalkurn keeps sneaking onto people with his sleight of hand and Nicophel attempts to and fails at burning it which convinces us that taking ten minutes to cast identify on it would be a good idea. So the party continues to investigate the stables while we do.

It turns out there's nothing special about the cloak other than that it's covered in mud but Nicophel is still salty about the library so he tells Varis it's magical and Varis starts wearing it.

Eventually we end up running into a fucking dullahan that Varis thought was a normal suit of plate so and then it attacked him when he got close so now there's combat okay. No but seriously I think being able to use my Int modifier instead of Dex for initiative is the best class feature this spec I just switched to has.

The tapestry has teleportation powers and Stalkurn starts throwing loot through it that we couldn't carry otherwise to make it easier to go and get later so it'll all be in one place.

We then find some prisoners in the basement, emaciated and chained. Stalkurn frees them and we ask them some questions about who they are and what they are doing here. Nicophel escorts them to the door tells them to take the portal and to tell the lizardfolk that he sent them.

We proceed to walk in on a meeting room and a woman greets us as if we are guests. Stalkurn immediately starts asking about Frulam because he wants to do her. She tells us that she has a rival within the cult, a dwarf named Varim the White. She also wants us to screw over Rezmir and tells us that she can get us onto this flying castle to take care of the work she needs done.

She tells us there are rumors that the castle is powered by the spirit of the current owner's dead wife. We will need to present the banner with the five stripes of Tiamat when we approach. The passphrase is "Tiamat, our mother and strength". She also tells us there are a couple of red wizards held up in the castle as well.

The clouds are inhabited by a white dragon who she seems pretty enamored with. She says the castle will be there for a day or so. We get every bit of information as we can get out of her and then Nicophel casts cone of cold, kills her bodyguards, almost kills her, and Iroh finishes her off with an arrow. Yeah, we're totally an evil party.

Nicophel uses a modified Stone Shape to compound 5 gems together to make a 500 gp sapphire and modifies a Drawmij's Instant Summons to make it summon something much bigger so that we can teleport all the huge loot in the lodge when we get back to Waterdeep so that we can sell it and make bookoo money.


Giant Castle in the Clouds

So in the town we walk into the tavern and everyone gets all stiff and freaked out. We eat and then the castle is leaving without us and Nicophel basically flies his ass over there and tries to convince a giant to land again. Which he somehow succeeds to do by kissing the giant's butt.

Meanwhile the rest of the party has gotten their hands on wyverns.

All of the doors are ten feet up from the ground. And we're dungeon crawling again.

We end up in an ice tower and I use Legend Lore to find out the name of the Giant's Wife and teleport after I say it. I thought her ghost was here but apparently it's just a password. Then we find her sarcophagus.

Anyway not much longer after we end up finding a dragon in an ice lair that was downstairs somewhere on the airship and Iroh immediately started attacking it and now we're in some hella combat. Nicophel got to use his disintegrate spell but the dragon nat20'd its save so tears.


We're gonna keep fighting it anyway.

Holy shit we won. Nicophel has 3 hit points left and Iroh has 2. Omg that was /insane/.

So picking through loot. We basically rest down there for a whole day because we're continuing to use the crate summon trick to move stuff because we have the problem not problem of not being able to move all the treasure we're finding.

We then proceed to find and kill Rezmir and check out a bunch of other rooms in the castle but we still don't know how to crash it yet. We decide not to crash it and just convince the giant not to work with the cultists, he then drops us off in Waterdeep and because of our Instant Summons hack we have a stupid amount of money.


Wheeeeew that was a lot of dungeon crawling and a lot of combat but we got mad platinum from this so I'm not going to fight it. I hear there will be RP next time.

What I Learned Today: Cody is really stupid good at throwing paper airplanes.
Fortune Favors <3

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