Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Life and Stuff

Okay, so I have got a lot of crazy stuff going on right now and other obligations. I'm at least going to be able to keep my campaign diary going once a week but as far as getting stuff posted to my blog I might be a little bit less active than I have been.

It seems to be one disaster after another and I do have a lot I need to get done no matter what, so I'm prioritizing and this isn't going to be the priority. That said, I'll do what I can to get stuff up when I can, I'm just not promising the same regularity that I've had up until this point this year.

Something's got to give. None of the other crap I have on my plate is an option for that.

What I Learned Today: Azeroth is a titan. Yeah. I mean the actual planet.

Fortune Favors

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