Thursday, March 2, 2017

Modern Witchcraft: What it Means to Me

I do like to keep a nice buffer between my current blog entry and the next one set up to be posted, and that buffer has gotten uncomfortably short. I've been throwing most of my D&D related topics at Nerdarchy (and don't consider that a complaint this is the best thing that's happened to me all year) so as far as my personal blog goes, it's withered a little bit.

But it's giving me a kick in the seat of the pants to talk about other things. Another topic that is very close to my heart is modern witchcraft.

It's not a huge secret that I'm a practicing pagan. As far as religions go, it's not your regular 'go to church, don't do bad things', there's this whole other aspect to it that most of the world just doesn't believe in--and that's okay. Just because this is my reality doesn't mean it has to be yours to validate that it is.

The thing is, when a witch gathers up some herbs and an anointed, inscribed candle and starts whispering poetry into the night air, she's pretty much doing the same thing everyone else is doing when they pray. Except it feels a little bit proactive. What drew me to the craft was that I can take my fate into my own hands.

We have gods. Those gods are important to varying degrees. By nature of the craft, you get a patron god and a matron goddess that you follow before the rest of them and a lot of us keep to the Christian God as a part of that because we grew up in Christian households and it isn't that easy to just let go of. The thing is, we're in the practice of taking will and making it manifest in various ways.

The candles? Not necessary. The incense? Take it or leave it. The herbs? Well, they smell good, but you don't have to have them. All magic is, boils down to the intent behind it. And all of those objects you use in the casting of it are focus items, they help you narrow down your intent to a fine point.

Some people are just fine without it, but for others the ritual is very important. For me, I'm a very impulsive caster. I shake things up with mirrors and rage. My soul is made of fire. This isn't something that's easy for me to say to just anyone because the attitude I take about this, the fact that just because this is real for me doesn't mean it has to be real for other people doesn't really extend past myself most of the time.

When people laugh, it's not a big deal. I can deal with being taken less seriously, everything about me pretty much begs to be taken less seriously. I'm 5'2", and I have a terminal case of baby face. I also have the kind of personality that just isn't for everyone. Like 75% of people don't like me, are rubbed the wrong way by me, and I think that's alright too. I mean, we're nerds. We're socially awkward, it's kind of what we do.

But then you get those few people that are weirdly threatened by the idea of ghosts and spirits and magic. The ones that say "how dare you" like I've brought up something ridiculous and am conning people into believing in it. It's just a thing that people do, they get angry and all bent out of shape by the unknown or unusual.

I don't really care much for it. That is to say, it doesn't bother me anymore. Those people don't matter, not really. When I tap into the undertow of power that exists between beings, I don't have to worry about a thing. It's real to me. It always will be. Nobody can take that.

I prefer to be a witch because witchcraft glorifies feminine power without cutting out the masculine. Both are necessary. I prefer to be a witch because as a mortal human I still don't feel like I have to put my life in the hands of a more powerful being than I am to live a worthy life. I prefer to be a witch because I just love the aesthetic and something about all of these old rhymes and fairy tale rules speaks to me. I prefer to be a witch because we have one rule, harm none, and it's easier to stop and ask myself if what I'm doing is hurting anybody than it is to weigh it against pages upon pages of outdated law.

My mother and I are going to get into gardening this summer. We'll be growing herbs and some flowers, partly because the bees need them and partly because the price of herbs is crazy high anymore and it'd just be easier to grow my own. I'm actually really excited about it, we haven't done a big project like this together in a long time.

It's just another thing I'd like to make some more time and room in my life for.

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