Saturday, March 18, 2017

Player's Log: Thorns and Water and Vines (Oh My)

Happy Saturday! Once again doing the pre-writing for my live blogging of our weekly D&D game while everybody else is leveling.


Pre-Game Reference Stuff:


I don't even remember where we left off last time because last week got cancelled, let's do this.


Cast of Characters:

Nicophel Arthainas - Moon Elf Wizard - Me : D - Robed and wielding the Glass Staff of Defense. He's quiet and observant, and considers himself the definition of a subtle wizard. ( actually getting there.) Nicophel does not like to be spoken to as though he doesn't know what he's talking about. Currently somewhat more evil than he was before.

Varis the Illustrious - Elven Fighter - June - Big armored badass, his noble papers are faked, cannot say no to a challenge. He's arrogant and (kind of) short tempered, but unquestioningly strong and an amazing warrior. He's also a fucking maniac that does things like throw dead bodies out of windows.

Stalkurn XVI - Drow Rogue - Patrick - Stalkurn as Stalkurn always is (Yes this is actually the 16th Stalkurn Patrick has actually played; not the same Stalkurn but Stalkurn son of Stalkurn--the one in the Nim books was Stalkurn the 8th so he's a great great ect grandfather of this Stalkurn). His personality traits literally say "Is Great" and his "Ideals" are "To be Greater". His bonds say "I love myself". That should give you an idea of who this guy is.

Iroh - Human Ranger/Fighter - Cody - Really fucking hates dragons and will always kill them. Also a bounty hunter so his other favored enemy is "humans". Is very probably named after the one from "Avatar". Is the most rational party member.

Genevieve - Aasimar Paladin - Richie - Our new party member, she's a paladin in super awesome armor with super awesome grey dreadlocks. Have I mentioned I love seeing older ladies in games and stuff? It pretty much never happens and I respect it so hard.



We totally just got ambushed in the tavern by dragon cultists. And apparently there are a lot of innocents in here that are not cultists as well. During the fight Genevieve accidentally gets blinded, Nicophel kills a cultist with Finger of Death and acquires a zombie that is now his, and a bunch of other cultists run away.

After the fight we all go back to bed to regain HP and spell slots because we're boosted that way.

The big problem here is that the zombie that Nicophel acquired is pretty useless in combat and smells like death and no one wants to keep it near them. Nicophel acquires a leather collar and a leash for his zombie pet for the time being while he looks for somewhere to keep it. He just ends up putting it in a deep holocaust cloak and filling its pockets with potpourri.

I name my zombie "Nigel" because I think Nigel would find that funny. And because he's the first one.

We go to a second meeting and this time there's a hard core elf in a crown there. Stalkurn and Varis grapple and tie up the guys we found out were cultists last week. We're the straight up inquisition up in this piece.

Varis got laid woo! \o/ He nat20'd that persuasion check.

We also find out there are confirmed Dragon Attacks in the Misty Forest. Then the DM lays down something that the party has to be split for that we will get back to later, we take a level break and head out to go dragon slaying.


The Misty Forest

We travel into the Misty Forest to go after some green dragons. There's tons of mist everywhere. Hence the title. Iroh uses his dragon radar and Stalkurn makes 'bloop' noises. We find a wood elf settlement and the residents tell us about how cultists and dragons came through and killed tons of people. They tried to kill the dragon but it swallowed a priest whole. Some survivors claim they saw a cultist riding on top of the dragon.

We meet the new village leader, Gaelan, who we find out is a recent widower. Anyway most of the party ends up thinking he's a coward because he sold out nearby villagers for his own safety. Iroh and Genevieve in particular give him a lot of shit for being a coward. Nicophel is more inclined to be a little nicer to him because he did just lose his wife and he's probably giving himself a lot more hell than we possibly could.

Then we find a druid in the woods pinned under a tree. Varis tries to lift the tree off of her only to find that it is an ent and she calls Varis strong of character before she puts flowers on us turns into an owl and flies away. And the tree gets up and follows her.

Then we end up in spider combat and find a cave behind a waterfall.

There are dragon prisoners in there and we talk to them a little bit before they tell us where the dragon is and we go back there. We find an underground cavern with a pool and an island and there's a dragon in here somewhere but for some reason we can't see it.


Dragon Fight!

Then we find a couple of giants fighting about how they're touching each other's stuff. Varis talks his way past them without it coming to a fight. We find another group of prisoners and send them on their way before we find a statue that we then proceed to ignore before we find another group of cultists who are not expecting us to slaughter them.

We're dungeon crawling again.

Anyway we find the dragon. And of course we take a ton of damage as we go, like even including the fact that we've got protections we set up before we came in here, like holy crap. I did fall asleep during that combat wow I've been pushing myself hard this week, but we did kill it.

I'm going to cut this blog off here, I'm sure there wasn't much more to go after this ;w; I'll clean this up tomorrow

Edit: Okay the vast majority of this session was dungeon crawl and we all know how much I tend to pay attention to that, so by clean up what I really mean is sign off from it properly.

What I Learned Today: Sunburst is crazy AoE.

Fortune Favors,
Megan R. Miller

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