Saturday, April 29, 2017

Player's Log: Punching God in All Five of her Faces

Happy Saturday! Once again doing the pre-writing for my live blogging of our weekly D&D game while everybody else is...well I was the one that forgot to level this time but I'm done with that.

Pre-Game Reference Stuff:


Last week we cancelled because Stalkurn is a Bonobo but the week /before/ that we went to Thay and I'm pretty sure had an intense fight in the Battle of Waterdeep. This week is our last session and if we have time afterward we might just fight a terrasque so let's get to it ^__^


Cast of Characters:

Nicophel Arthainas - Moon Elf Wizard - Me : D - Robed and wielding the Glass Staff of Defense. He's quiet and observant, and considers himself the definition of a subtle wizard. ( actually getting there.) Nicophel does not like to be spoken to as though he doesn't know what he's talking about. Currently somewhat more evil than he was before.

Varis the Illustrious - Elven Fighter - June - Big armored badass, his noble papers are faked, cannot say no to a challenge. He's arrogant and (kind of) short tempered, but unquestioningly strong and an amazing warrior. He's also a fucking maniac that does things like throw dead bodies out of windows.

Stalkurn XVI - Drow Rogue - Patrick - Stalkurn as Stalkurn always is (Yes this is actually the 16th Stalkurn Patrick has actually played; not the same Stalkurn but Stalkurn son of Stalkurn--the one in the Nim books was Stalkurn the 8th so he's a great great ect grandfather of this Stalkurn). His personality traits literally say "Is Great" and his "Ideals" are "To be Greater". His bonds say "I love myself". That should give you an idea of who this guy is.

Iroh - Human Ranger/Fighter - Cody - Really fucking hates dragons and will always kill them. Also a bounty hunter so his other favored enemy is "humans". Is very probably named after the one from "Avatar". Is the most rational party member.

Genevieve - Aasimar Paladin - Richie - Our new party member, she's a paladin in super awesome armor with super awesome grey dreadlocks. Have I mentioned I love seeing older ladies in games and stuff? It pretty much never happens and I respect it so hard.


Let's Get Down to Business

We get together our armies and get ready to take on the cult. We have intelligence that there are old lava tunnels we can use to bypass most of the army and get to where we're trying to go. Concerns are raised about fucking lava but we are assured that there isn't any anymore.

We make battle plans, sending the groups we have command with after their groups, we have mostly one for one but we put the Harpers to disrupting enemy supply and communication lines and get ready to go punch a god in her multiple faces.

And now we're dungeon crawling again.

We finally make it to the temple after tunnel combat and searching some sub rooms. There's summoning going on as people are summoning and there's a really pretty magical effect in the center spire of the temple.


We Fight God

So anyway after what feels like an hour of combat (it was literally an hour of combat spoiler alert) we fail to stop Tiamat from being summoned. Tbh we didn't want to stop her from being summoned we really wanted to fight a god.

So she's not even out of the portal yet and the party is almost dead and we've hit the part of the fight where we're at each other's throats.

Anyway. We lived. Tiamat is banished. The end of the campaign suggests we work on getting the treasure back to who it belongs to and the whole party laughs like we can't breathe because we're so not going to do that, this treasure is our 'we saved the world' tax.

Anyway <3 It feels pretty great to have gotten through all this.

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