Sunday, April 16, 2017

Player's Log: The Wizards Who Say "Nyh"

Happy Saturday! Once again doing the pre-writing for my live blogging of our weekly D&D game while everybody else is leveling.


Pre-Game Reference Stuff:


Last week we fought undead, Nicophel acquired four apprentices and we SERIOUSLY had two lich fights.


Cast of Characters:

Nicophel Arthainas - Moon Elf Wizard - Me : D - Robed and wielding the Glass Staff of Defense. He's quiet and observant, and considers himself the definition of a subtle wizard. ( actually getting there.) Nicophel does not like to be spoken to as though he doesn't know what he's talking about. Currently somewhat more evil than he was before.

Varis the Illustrious - Elven Fighter - June - Big armored badass, his noble papers are faked, cannot say no to a challenge. He's arrogant and (kind of) short tempered, but unquestioningly strong and an amazing warrior. He's also a fucking maniac that does things like throw dead bodies out of windows.

Stalkurn XVI - Drow Rogue - Patrick - Stalkurn as Stalkurn always is (Yes this is actually the 16th Stalkurn Patrick has actually played; not the same Stalkurn but Stalkurn son of Stalkurn--the one in the Nim books was Stalkurn the 8th so he's a great great ect grandfather of this Stalkurn). His personality traits literally say "Is Great" and his "Ideals" are "To be Greater". His bonds say "I love myself". That should give you an idea of who this guy is.

Iroh - Human Ranger/Fighter - Cody - Really fucking hates dragons and will always kill them. Also a bounty hunter so his other favored enemy is "humans". Is very probably named after the one from "Avatar". Is the most rational party member.

Genevieve [ABSENT] - Aasimar Paladin - Richie - Our new party member, she's a paladin in super awesome armor with super awesome grey dreadlocks. Have I mentioned I love seeing older ladies in games and stuff? It pretty much never happens and I respect it so hard.


Secret Clandestine Meetings

The tiefling from the ice cave takes us through some winding back alleys at night and she leads us through a secret door in a wall and down into this dark chamber lit entirely by candles. In the room waiting for us is someone we immediately recognize as a red wizard.

The wizard's first name is Nyh. Wtf.

We are specifically requested to go to Thay for diplomatic bullshit, and the trip will last a few days after which we will be returned to Waterdeep unharmed. The wizard has been carefully questioned and subjected to the zone of truth and they are sure he's being honest.

Nyh teleports us to a keep at Thay and we are each given a luxurious individual room. We are then brought to speak to the Lady of the Keep and she says that Thay will help us in exchange for the heads of the exiled red wizards we've been helping. Nicophel says that they will do it but only under the condition that he can observe the proceedings and promises he does not intend to intervene or depart from plans. His plans. And his plans state that there will be no need of intervention.

We have another meeting the next morning.

Nicophel arcane locks his door and Stalkurn plants an immovable rod by his own. That night, Iroh is pulled into a nightmarish sequence while Red Wizards interrogate him and torture him inside his own mind.

Anyway we agree to screw Thay over get back to Waterdeep and find it under assault.


Waterdeep Under Siege

Okay so basically big combat crap is happening.

Nicophel takes out the southernmost cult encampment with a meteor swarm and takes out a quarter of the cultists in one fell swope. The others go to fight dragons.

Combat update, the rest of the party is not doing so well against the three huge dragons they are fighting. Meanwhile Nicophel is trying to keep tabs on the whole city at once but he is not that badass.

And I lost internet connection but we did eventually win and Nicophel is now everybody's favorite person in Waterdeep.

This was the penultimate session. Next time, we face Tiamat. (And hopefully after that I can press the DM into letting us try to conquor Thay, we'll see).

Fortune Favors,
Megan R. Miller

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