Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chaining for Shinies pt 7: The Larvesta Entry

Shiny Statistics so far:
Bruxish (Josh) - 71 [Chain]
Cutiefly (ZK)* - 60 [Chain]
Rockruff (ZK)* - 35 [Chain]
Salandit (ZK)* - 70 [Chain]
Cutiefly (Me) - 315 [Chain]
Spinarak (Me) - 42 [Chain]
Dewpider (Me) - 373 [Chain]
Grubbin (Me) - 78* (but actually I killed like 2500+ of these total to get it) [Chain]
Larvesta (Me) - 877* [Eggs]
*With the Shiny Charm

Okay so I haven't posted anything in a bit on the pokemon front, and let's be honest I do these particular entries just for me anyway because there isn't a whole lot to say about the repetitive action of a pokemon chain. Also there's another reason.

The pokemon I'm working on getting a shiny of right now is Larvesta and it isn't a naturally occurring species in Alola. So I'm hatching. And hatching. And hatching. So this is not a chain, this is me breeding pokemon using the Masuda Method and it's suuuper slow.

But I finally hit the point where I had to start releasing some of them for Box Space and I don't trust myself not to lose a notepad document on my hard drive so I'm just going to make this journal entry and then keep coming back to update it as I hatch more Larvesta.

Then once I get it, I'll update the above list and make a new journal entry for Heracross.

So, Number of Larvestas Hatched So Far:


Fortune Favors,

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