Sunday, June 25, 2017

DM's Log: Our Heroes Join the Assassin's Guild

Salutations, nerds, we've got Noah here in the house with us tonight and Richie's getting ready to go on Vacation so he won't be here this session.


Stalkurn XVII - Patrick - Back in the underdark after so many generations out, and wanted by Lolth, this is going to be an extra interesting adventure for him.

Maris - Josh - A trident wielding triton with mad net skills, he was taken as a slave by the drow while looking for a subterrenean kraken. He still hasn't found it yet.

Pipilouise [ABSENT] - Richie - A gnome in heavy armor with an attitude as bad as the bite of her weapon, she is arguably the most responsible member of the party.

Neko & Lunch - Cody - As far as the party knows, an incredibly intelligent mouse with a halfling familiar.

Nodaco - Noah - Human bard, college of valor.


Popping right back up where we left off, we are now currently preparing to go assassinate a daughter of the drow house Freaffin'vir to attempt to catalyst a skirmish between them and Arken'sek so that the party can use it for cover to go in and rescue some slaves! Everybody's all set to go, half the party's leveling and Noah's rolling his character and I'm going to try to update this during breaks so it's all fresh in my mind as we get it down.

So today, we begin with our intrepid heroes attempting to follow a drow raiding party into the bowels of the underdark hoping to ambush them on their way back from hunting a purple worm to take the poison they've extracted.

So I'm about to put them through a dungeon! You know, to see if they end up finding the drow party or the purple worm first. They are level three. Let's see how much common sense they have tonight.


So the party went after the purple worm and the drow they were following lost the battle to said purple worm and they all died. Nodaco dug through a pile of poo and found a coin pouch in it from where one of the worms in the area had eaten an adventurer and put on a ring that he found in the pouch that is now slowly turning him into a tiefling and making him feel the need to do something ornery.

The party did not run from the purple worm. It killed Maris but everybody else lived. They got Maris rezzed using the gold from his own bag to do it and now they are back at the Assassin's guild preparing to go find Shi'nreena Freaffin'vir and assassinate her for the sake of staring a house war between Freaffin'vir and Arken'sek.

They did succeed at doing this after cornering Shi'nreena in an alleyway. They fabricated evidence that Arken'sek was responsible and fled the scene after Stalkurn took her ring as proof.

They had a little talk with the ladies that run the assassin's guild and the guildmaster's daughter presented them with a plan to slowly take out all the nobles in the city and just like that this has become an assassination game.

The last thing they did before the game ended for the night was go and take out a daughter of House Freaffin'vir out and in the process freed her body guard / slave, Nhile.

I probably gave them way too much gold this time around, but for a session I had to BS the vast majority of, I think it went pretty well. And my players are enjoying the assassination game so there is that!

Fortune Favors,

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