Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DM's Log: Things We Do in the Underdark

Alright, it's been a little bit since I've written a blog entry and I just wanted you all to know I'm not dead I've just been really busy this month! I've taken the DM's seat back for my Saturday group and our summer campaign is currently being held underground between a dwarven city, Mithrilhaven, and a drow one, Falythvraen.

June's gone home for the summer so our current cast of characters is as follows:

Stalkurn XVII - Patrick - Back in the underdark after so many generations out, and wanted by Lolth, this is going to be an extra interesting adventure for him.

Maris - Josh - A trident wielding triton with mad net skills, he was taken as a slave by the drow while looking for a subterrenean kraken. He still hasn't found it yet.

Pipilouise - Richie - A gnome in heavy armor with an attitude as bad as the bite of her weapon, she is arguably the most responsible member of the party.

Lunch - Cody - As far as the party knows, an incredibly intelligent mouse with a halfling familiar.

Right now, the party is in Falythvraen looking for an old friend of Pip's family who had been dragged down as a slave by the drow. They hope, at least, because the alternative is a pretty messy sacrifice to Lolth and nobody has time for that.

Last time, Stalkurn made the mistake of loudly announcing who he was to a bunch of drow guards and now the whole city is looking for him, which is pretty unfortunate because he is the only drow down here who also happens to be over six feet tall.

Through some pretty crafty dealings, though, they've managed to get themselves into a pretty decent position to get one drow house to seige another and use the cover of the attack to slip in and get their dwarf friend out of there. Also, they've made some contacts with the local assassin's guild, and half-drow Caliel Shaiith is definitely somebody you want on your side in a place like this.

I'll try to hit up more details next time, for now I just wanted to get some of these thoughts down and I'll give it another pass after this week's game, hopefully with a lot more detail.

Fortune Favors,
Megan R. Miller

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