Tuesday, August 1, 2017

DM's Log: The Catch Up Game

Okay I did just say I'm going to try to get myself all caught up with what's been happening in my D&D game. So here I go.


Stalkurn XVII - Patrick - Back in the underdark after so many generations out, and wanted by Lolth, this is going to be an extra interesting adventure for him.

Maris - Josh - A trident wielding triton with mad net skills, he was taken as a slave by the drow while looking for a subterrenean kraken. He still hasn't found it yet.

Pipilouise [ABSENT] - Richie - A gnome in heavy armor with an attitude as bad as the bite of her weapon, she is arguably the most responsible member of the party.

Neko & Lunch - Cody - As far as the party knows, an incredibly intelligent mouse with a halfling familiar.


Alright we've had a couple of sessions since the last time I wrote about this. There was a mystery game that we played that I'm not at liberty to talk much about because we were basically play testing the plot to a module I've been working on with some other people and I don't want to give too much away about that out of respect to them, but picking back up after that session...

We had a huge fight with way too many spiders involved and at the end of it right before she died the drow priestess the party was fighting got off a curse at Stalkurn that's left him slowly turning into a drider. He is not about that spider life at all and is going well out of his way to fix himself and the rest of the party seems to be down with that.

Baroness of Bedlam, Sleeve C. Daelan, showed up and sent the party to a forest of silver trees to capture the spirit of an owl to aid Stalkurn in defeating the spider within him. This led them to taking on a goblin in a deforestation machine and heading up to this factory the goblins had made in the deeper woods. There was a moat, a squid creature trapped in it that the party nearly killed before someone just told it that they were meaning to take on the goblins at which point it was totally on board with them.

I do believe that was Cody's first ever bonobo roll and he nat 1'd it so Neko just charged forward at this tower with the moat around it. Cue tentacle combat and then they went into the goblin factory. And I was expecting them to engage the goblins in combat but instead Stalkurn called out to ask which one the boss was and told him he was a travelling salesman and tried to sell him his broom of flying and quietly whispered his trigger word so the goblin could fly on it.

The goblin then said "We have to try this on the roof".

Several rolls later the goblin jumps off the roof on a broom and Stalkurn doesn't say the trigger word and he just falls to his death. And then Neko cast a wind spell and knocked half the other goblins off the roof after him. The rest of that combat was very quick and easily done and they went after the boss goblin who surrendered immediately and wrote down the locations of his valuables in exchange for being allowed to walk.

The party's thinking "The tentacle monster will take care of him" but the goblin had a plan for that. So now this nameless goblin I made up on the fly is now a named goblin. He's Lucky, and he's a planner alright. I'm probably going to use him again in a future campaign with some other goblin scam.

Oh, and at one point Maris decided to take a job for the assassin's guild and killed a drug dealer and took his lizard dog and then they gave the lizard dog to elven orphan Briia that they picked up the session before last.

June gets back in three weeks so I'm thinking we'll start wrapping this one up soon. It's been great being back in the DM's seat but I am so excited to launch into Storm King's Thunder when June returns. I'll be playing Nicophel's twin sister that he kept writing too all last campaign.

Fortune Favors,
Megan R. Miller

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