Saturday, May 12, 2018

Steven Universe Spoilers Ahead.

Going to make use of the dreaded jump break here because I'm about to go on a ramble/ maybe slightly a rant about the most recent Steven Universe revelation. If you're not caught up, don't click please.

So Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond. I watched this, mind was blown, got really excited about it because of this whole theme they have going on that Pink Diamond preferred her life as a rebel leader that actually earned the admiration of her followers rather than having them follow her just because of the position she was made for.

And then I get online and the entire internet is losing their shit about how evil Rose Quartz is suddenly?

Guys, they have been hammering home ever since we got our first look at Pink Diamond how childish she is. Her entire character design is made to be childlike. She was very evidently young. How many of you can say you never threw a fit as a child? A tantrum over something you wanted? Never made mistakes?

Granted, yes, some of those mistakes were literally earth shattering. She got a lot of people killed, yes. But consider the perspective here for a second.

She was a child. In a position of great privilege. She was fashioned, crafted, to be a leader and thrust into this position where lives were at stake. If she had a regular childhood, her tantrums probably would have resulted in minor inconveniences and maybe she'd have run away, but because she was a Diamond, the results were catastrophic.

Which is not a testament to what a horrible person she was. It's a testament to how broken gem society is.

People make mistakes. And they learn. And they grow. Are we suddenly going to pretend like she doesn't get to change and grow as a person because she was a diamond?

The human zoo was a step in the right direction albeit an extremely misguided one, but which of you can say you never wanted an inappropriate pet as a child? She was in a position where anything she wanted she could easily get, and she was young enough that it never occurred to her what kind of harm she'd be doing in the process. She didn't grow up with individuality as a concept, she grew up being told she was a superior being and that everyone else was literally made to serve her.

Kids look a lot like sociopaths because kids are selfish. And add the double whammy here that she was legitimately raised and surrounded by this toxic mindset her entire life. And then she rebelled against home world. Yes, her judgement was very bad. But again, at that point she was very much a child.

But her friends looked to her for a reason. She got better. She grew as a person. She became better; if she hadn't they wouldn't have followed her in the first place. She loved organic life, which was something she did not understand, and she handled it poorly and made a lot of mistakes.

Everybody does.

The problem was that she had so much power to make those catastrophic mistakes with to begin with.

I think everybody suddenly turning on Rose because of who she once was is a massive oversight at best. One of the major underlying themes of this show is that people make mistakes and can recover from them. It's important to forgive yourself and it's okay to grow up and become someone else. Pretty much every other arc in this series hammers that home and people are so into the idea that love is so important and this idea that you should be understanding of others.

Could you have easily and openly defied your parents as a child? The people you depended on your whole life? The ones expecting you to fail?

I couldn't have.

And she couldn't have known when she made those choices what her actions were going to cause.

Yes, characters should be angry about this. There should be real consequences. But at the same time I love the fact that this character has been painted so lovingly as being a good leader and a good person and shown to have real, serious flaws and have made mistakes. It makes her feel more real to me. Honestly? It makes me like her more.

You guys can fume all you want, but I'm still standing in Rose Quartz's corner.

Fortune Favors,
Megan R. Miller

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