Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Transmuters are Badass

No, seriously. I hang around the fantasy crowd a lot, most of my friends are D&Ders, I'm online playing games every Tuesday and a lot of Fridays online so far so believe me when I say I hear a lot of discussion about wizards and how awesome they are. And man. Everybody wants to be an evoker or a necromancer.

Bear with me, I'm about to go on an unbridled gush trip about why transmutation is amazing.

Heads up; I'm gonna be an irreverent potty mouth in this one. Don't like excited swearing? Don't read.

Transmutation. The art of turning one thing into another, right? You want lead into gold? Transmutation got you. You want to turn a person into a frog? Traaansmutation. A solid into a liquid? Yep. Reversing someone's age? Mmhmm.

And teleportation, that's got to be conjuration, right? No way. Transmutation.

Alright, what about time spells, surely that's a different school? I'm afraid not, darlings, that too, is transmutation.

It's the manipulation of time and space. Let me say that louder again for the people in the back okay. IT'S THE MANIPULATION OF TIME AND SPACE. How cool is that?! Like yeah, turning things into other things is awesome, but turning back time is the kind of shit you hear about gods doing.

So evokers can set shit on fire, sure. So can a barbarian with some oil and a torch.

A diviner can predict the future? Sounds like that's what meteorologists and statisticians do.

A necromancer can raise the dead. Big deal, so can a very determined artificer.

You know who slows and turns back time and opens holes in the fabric of space?


You know the philosopher's stone? Yeah, the one that turns any matter into pure gold and can give the holder immortality if they know what they're doing? The one J.K. Rowling and Michael Scott wrote books about and was the inciting artifact that drove most of the first season of The Slayers?

Let me give you a hint. That thing was made by a transmuter.

Just think about that the next time you're blinking around the battlefield or want your party mage to teleport everyone back home after the adventure, alright? You wanna do a lot of damage and set everything on fire, you go right ahead and roll your evoker and don't think a thing about it. Go be a mystical woohoo fighter.

You want real power though?

I don't think I need to explain further.

Fortune Favors,
Megan R. Miller

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