Thursday, September 27, 2018

Player's Log: A Few Rambles About our Thursday Night Strahd Game

So we've been playing Curse of Strahd on Thursday nights with my dear friend Brian as the dungeon master. Naturally, since this is a big old ramble about Curse of Strahd there are spoilers ahead if you haven't played it, so click at your own risk.

Dear lord things have gotten intense in this game, alright.

I asked the DM if I could play a vistana and he was cool enough to let me.

This is Vanya. Believe it or not she's a divination wizard (with the lucky feat because that wasn't boosted enough on its own), not an evoker. And man she is pissed off. More on that later.

Other Players in this Game:

Josh Artis portraying Tallow Aelas, professional ghost. He's a Lingering Soul, used to be a cleric, died shortly after we went to Barovia from a wolf attack.

Richie Holsinger, portraying Ledric "This is a Waste of Time" Boonsmorrow. Rogue, and our only party member that does any decent kind of DPS which is unfortunate because Richie had to move so we've only got him once in a blue moon.

Michael Miller playing Kamakura Hearts, cleric, mongrelfolk and cleaning lady.

Jon Short playing Oliver (I'm actually not sure what his last name is, but we're gonna say Queen because there's no way this guy isn't The Green Arrow), Ranger. He's made it to two sessions.

Anyway, in Vallaki, we accidentally kidnapped Victor Vallakovich (he wanted out and knows how to turn invisible and Vanya figured it might be best to nourish his talents somewhere an actual wizard could keep an eye on him) and uh. Kind of murdered Rictavio.

Okay listen. -hands up- He had a racist tiger. We thought he was an anti-vistani extremist and instead of killing him ourselves Vanya wrapped him in her cloak and let the tiger tear his throat out. Ledric thought it was a waste of time.

Needless to say we weren't there to stop the conspiracy from happening so Vallaki ended up getting taken over and I'm pretty sure kidnapping him was the only reason Victor's still alive at this point. But when we were back in the area he tried to sneak off and meet his parents, Strahd had him kidnapped, bit him and threw him into a fire.

Vanya, who at this point has started looking at Victor as an adopted son, has a lot of reasons not to like that guy. Oh also, this was around the time we found out he has her family in his dungeons somewhere. Lot of reasons.

We met Oliver and Kamakura in Kresk, got Mordenkainen unscrewed and he went off to look for his spellbook to turn Victor back to normal and meanwhile we continued our adventures. Oh also we picked up Esmerelda here, she was our fated ally according to Madame Eva's reading.

We killed an evil treehouse. Tallow still thinks he did it but I poured hundreds of points of damage into that thing and he thinks he kicked it and killed it on his own.

Fuck you, Tallow.

We all hated the Amber Temple but Kamakura accepted some of the gifts from the Dark Powers and now she's evil and covered in fur, because she wasn't enough of a furry already before we got there. (I don't actually have anything against furries but she did already have a tail.)

Anyway we're in Strahd's castle now. I'm pretty sure he's pissed that we got Ireena out, too, because like everything is focus firing Victor. He already made this shit personal and I have to assume that my family is either dead or going to be used against me and dear god I'm just beside myself right now. Also it's been a tick since I've done a player's log so there you go.

I have a strong feeling I'm going to want to say more about this after our session tomorrow night so I'm just giving the run down currently. I'm excited about this in a big way and I know I'm going to want to talk about it, it was a fool's errand not to have done so up until this point.

Fortune Favors,
Megan R. Miller

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