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Torchlighters: Callum Trezza Character Interview

There's a handy dandy list of questions to ask your character over yonder and I'm really digging how in depth it is. I did say I'd be rambling about these characters and this setting quite a bit, so while I'm going to be editing the questions just a smidge to make them fit the setting better, hopefully this will help me and you get to know my protagonist better.

Obviously I highly endorse clicking that link up there and giving the original post some love, this has been super useful to me and I bet it will be for you, too.

10 Questions

  1. What did you eat for breakfast? Did you make it yourself? What time do you eat breakfast? Do you wash the pan after you cook the eggs or do you leave it for the maid to clean? Do you have a maid? - "Damn that's a lot of questions at once. Let me start with, no, we don't have a damn maid. We could afford one, but the money's better put toward something actually useful like paying a guy to fix the bricks on the street when they get cracked. Let's be honest, you're screwy if you think anybody that actually works for the city is going to get around to it in the dock district if we don't make 'em. Anyway, yeah, I made it myself. And it was toast. I'm garbage at making eggs and I have to be up before the crack of noon if I want in on the ones Dad makes."
  2. Do you have a cat? How many cats do you have? Do you wish you were a cat? How many litter boxes do you have? Do you clean the litter boxes every day? Or does your maid clean the litter boxes? - "We have a dog. His name is Ashes. I'm probably about as close to a cat as a person gets, being a cambion. No litterboxes, no maid, no problem."
  3. Do you go our for lunch or bring a sack lunch? Do you take an extra long lunch break and charge the company? - "Think you meant 'out' there, huh? Sure, I go out. It's good to mingle with the people under our protection, makes 'em less afraid."
  4. Are you an only child? How many siblings do you have? Are you close or are you estranged? - "I'm the middle child. Older brother, younger sister. I want to say we're close, we've been through a lot together all three of us. I keep saying Ely's the most demon of the three of us, even if she is a nephil, but I say it with love. Don't pretend you don't spit static about your brothers and sisters, too."
  5. If you are adopted, do you know your birth parents? Do you want to find them? - "Mighty big assumption there, chief. Second generation cambion. I know both my parents."
  6. Do you call your mother every day, or only on her birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas? Are your parents alive? - "Both my parents are alive and will be for a long time yet, gods willing. That's one of the benefits to outsider blood; we live a good long time. And I still live with my mother, we've got one of those big estates on the upper end of town complete with sub-houses. Even when I move out she'll be next door. Come on, what kind of a man doesn't love his mother?"
  7. Do you like to cook? Do you use recipes or make up your own recipes? Do you eat out every night? - "You were listening when I said I couldn't cook eggs, right? Dad makes breakfast, Uncle Danny usually makes dinner."
  8. Do you put both socks on first, or one sock, one shoe? - "What kind of boob puts on a sock and then a shoe?"
  9. Do you have a dog? Is the dog a rescue dog or bought from a breeder?  - "Dad's had Ashes longer than he's had me, but I'm pretty sure he found him behind a dumpster somewhere."
  10. Or perhaps a hamster? Or do you have any pets? - "Me? Nah. Not unless you count Ely's freaky ghoul-rats, but I sure as hells don't."

11 More Questions

  1. Do you iron your clothes? Who does your laundry? Do you do it yourself or do you send it out? - "There's a laundromat in the dock district that my family uses religiously. They do good work. Nice people, those Kismets."
  2. Are you married? Are you divorced? How many times have you been married? "Not a-once. Not in a rush, either."
  3. Do you brush and floss your teeth before you go to bed? - "More like in the afternoon after I wake up."
  4. Do you have any cavities? - "Not that I know of."
  5. Are those your real teeth, or are they dentures, or are they all capped? - "You're really trying to make me paranoid about my teeth, aren't you? Did the dentist send you? Be honest."
  6. What do you throw into the garbage? Do you recycle? - "More than I should. Lot of staples, empty bottles, you know how it is. I burn most of my trash paper and most of my food scraps go to Ashes."
  7. Do you live in an apartment or a house? - "A house. A nice big one. The whole family lives there."
  8. Do you own your own home or rent? - "Mom owns it. Got it from her mother. There's no reason any of us will have to leave for a long time."
  9. Do you mow your own lawn or use a landscape service? - "We pay a gardener. He was already on staff when we got the place and he's a nice enough fella."
  10. Have you ever had a garden? - "Comes with the gardener, chief."
  11. Have you ever eaten a carrot right out of the ground? - "Without washing it first? I wasn't born in a barn."

16 More Questions

  1. Do you pick your nose? - "Come on, whose gonna say yes to that?"
  2. Do you bite your fingernails? Do you have any bad habits? - "I get too much viscera under my nails to ever want to bite them. Probably smoke more than I should. Speaking of which, butt me."
  3. What is your earliest memory? - "There was a parade down Brimstone Row and Uncle Danny put me on his shoulders because Dad wasn't tall enough to let me see over the crowd. There were eight clowns and a woman with this big feathered dress riding on a palanquin and they threw candy at the audience. I fell asleep before we reached the tram."
  4. Do you hold the door open for the person behind you or do you let it go and slam in their face? - "Lay off, it isn't slamming the door in their face if they're eight paces behind you and I don't have all day to stand there holding it."
  5. Do you take chicken soup to your elderly neighbor when they are sick?  - "I might if I had an elderly neighbor. We take care of our people, alright? And we expect them to take care of each other, too."
  6. If you had a dog, would you pick up your dog’s poop when you go for a walk or sneak off and hope no one saw your dog poop on their lawn? - "Heh. I can think of a few people I'd leave poop on the lawns of if I knew more then three people who had lawns. Where do you think this is, the isles? People in the labyrinth are lucky to have a stoop."
  7. If your boss asked you to cheat on your invoice and bill your client for extra hours, would you do it? - "First of all, we don't get paid like that. Second of all, my boss is my dad and he's actually a halfway honorable fella. Third of all, watch yourself."
  8. On Monday morning, are you excited to go to work, or are you sad? - "What makes Monday different than any other day of the week? Oh that's right, some people get the weekends off."
  9. If you could go back in time for one day, where would you go? - "Back to visit Nona Trezza before she passed. I'd hug her again, listen to one of her stories, make sure she knows I love her. Make sure she knows Dad loves her. I think he worries about that sometimes."
  10. You can cure one disease. Which one would you cure? - "One disease in one person or just purge it period? Because getting rid of grimcough in the poorer districts would help a lot of kids."
  11. Do you honk at the car in front of you if they didn’t see the light turn green? - "The labyrinth doesn't have cars and we don't have lights for them either. There's a train station to get to other cities, the tram system on top of the taller buildings, and if you're going a short way, you use bicycles or you walk. If someone's too slow for me, I go around them."
  12. Do you exercise or are you a coach potato? - "Not staying fit is a good way to get chilled off in this town."
  13. If a Boy Scout comes to your door selling popcorn, do you hide in the kitchen or buy popcorn? - "I buy the popcorn. I like popcorn." 
  14. Have you ever served in the military? - "Hellwatch? Hell no. My mother did, and I respect that just fine, but they never get to our part of town and we're really more like a militia. Less regimented, more effective."
  15. What is your greatest fear? - "As demonspawn, I don't burn. But I'm pretty damned scared of drowning. You tell anyone I told you that and I'll come after you."
  16. Would you like me to get you a glass of water? Or would you rather have soda? Wine? Whiskey? - "I'm a brandy man, myself, given the choice."
So there you have it, one interview with protagonist Callum Trezza. Keep on the look out for more updates about Torchlighters and bonus content about the characters and the world of Mistriev. As always, you'll be the first to know, so keep checking back~

Fortune Favors,
Megan R. Miller

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