Monday, December 17, 2018

Laptop Drama

>Laptop keyboard stopped working.
>Buckled down and got a usb keyboard because I figured I could just make it a dvorak keyboard later if I figured out how to fix my on board one.
>On board keyboard totally screwed.
>It kept convincing the rest of my computer that the esc key was being held.
>I realize that doesn't sound like that big a deal but when you are  holding the escape key you can't open new tabs, google search, save photoshop documents, open the start menu, know, anything. At all.
>Including fixing the fact that the computer thinks the esc key is stuck.
>Anyway I tried to turn the keyboard off and the only option was to uninstall the driver.
>I'm like 'fine whatever' and do that.
>It prompts me to restart.
>So I do.
>And when it comes back on the driver is back.
>At this point I'm like...

>Computer does about as well at following instructions as Arthax.
>Finally decide that if this doesn't get fixed I'm going to have to replace her.
>Decide to try one last Hail Mary and perform surgery to unhook the keyboard.

>Anyway my laptop works again. Not today, Cyber Satan.

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