Thursday, March 28, 2019

My Closest Friends are the Ones I've Gamed With...Here's Why

Salutations, my curious congregation. There's been a lot of talk floating around twitter about gate keeping and women in gaming, and I have a guess there was a specific incident behind it that we're not going to talk about or give any more press to here. Needless to say it was a shitgibbon throwing feces and the internet, in its infinite wisdom, saw fit to engage.

I don't. I'm not here to talk about that. But a lot of the people I'm talking about as I write this are women and many of them I never would have met without tabletop. And honestly, I feel blessed. These are people that I'd bend over backwards and stick my neck out for and many of them I haven't even met in meat space.

So what is it that makes people so willing to stick together with the people they've rolled dice with? I have some thoughts about that.

Content Warning: As always, a healthy dose of irreverence. Probably some swearing (I say fuck a lot). Radical ideas about women being people and enjoying the shapes of plastic that determine your life and death in a world your friend Bob made up. Could cause itching and double vision, but I haven't done any studies on it and I'm not going to. Also, brief mention of sexual assault in the vaguest of contexts.

Monday, March 25, 2019

4 Gift Ideas Your Assassin Will Love

Salutations, nerds. Here's a little tidbit you'll never believe in a million years; it's been a quiet week for me and I don't have anything  I particularly feel like ranting about over here. I gotta blog anyway, so here's some homebrew loot.

Here are 4 items your assassin will love, you know, on the off chance they have a birthday coming up or a big loot drop or you just really like to over prepare for the holidays.

Content Warnings: D&D loot. They were made with wetwork in mind, but probably you could find reasons to use them that don't involve murder for profit. That said, if you are bothered by insinuated assassinry, irreverence, homebrew or the smell of orchids (sorry, I used a new hand moisturizer today and it's strong af) you might not want to click the link below.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Putting Your Players in the Belly of the Beast

On Tuesday I talked about consenting to genre and being up front about what can happen in your campaign. Today, I want to talk about the best results that can happen when you do that.

Content Warning: I'm about to advise you to break the rules. As usual, irreverence, probably swearing, possibly weird metaphors if I feel like using those. A brief part at the end where I try to sell you something because capitalism. Let's dig in, shall we?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Consent to Conflict and Genre Expectations in RPGs

So this is something that's been coming up a lot for me both in my writing life and in my tabletops and as is the custom when this sort of thing happens, I'm gonna blog about it.

Content Warning: Vague allusions to grimdark content (nothing graphic), obnoxious insinuations regarding player and reader expectations and a healthy dose of irreverence.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Dissection: The First Scene

-casually loading rubber gloves into a t-shirt cannon-

Tuesday we had a nice conversation about the anatomy of a scene and story beats. Today we're talking about the very first scene in a story, what it has to do, and what that means for you. Get your scalpels back out, my curious congregation of degenerates, because we are about to talk about beginnings.

Content Warnings: The usual dose of irreverence, probably some swear words, and me, telling you how to live your life. Very minor Harry Potter spoilers. Vague spoilers for The Walking Dead (from like several seasons ago). Oh, and rubber gloves. Being shot at you through a t-shirt cannon. -bang-

Monday, March 11, 2019

Dissection: Anatomy of a Scene

-snaps rubber glove-

Hello, my most peculiar posse. My inexplicable assembly. My curious congregation. I'm in a mood, today, if you couldn't tell.

Today we're going to be dissecting scenes.

Content Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including a (presumably) healthy dose of irreverence, the aberrant ideals of plot structure and a less than 3% chance of detonating into a cloud of vaguely human-colored mist.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

What Character Agency Is and Is Not

Character Agency is one of those buzz topics I see thrown around all the time and it amazes me how often people use it wrong. So let's grab a definition, shall we?

Agency, is a character's ability to make decisions and affect the story in a meaningful way.

Alright, blog entry's done, everybody pack up and go home. Good job.

Not quite.

Stick with me, there's a lot to unpack here.

Content Warnings: Insinuation that characters should know...characters and not furniture, ripping on old school Princess Peach, the usual healthy dose of irreverence, and a handful of swear words.

Monday, March 4, 2019

RP: Access Points And Why Your PC Cannot be Played Like a Novel Protagonist

Something I've noticed in a lot of RPGs are people getting so wrapped up in their characters that they forget what the RP is for in the first place. It's great to have your own narrative, and in fact that can be really helpful, but it's not always the best for an access point to other players. Especially in bigger multi-player games like World of Warcraft of the kinds of things you find in chat rooms.

So, access points. What exactly do I mean by that? Let's find out.

Content Warning: A lot of talk about knowing your audience, a healthy dose of irreverence and the insinuation that no one owes you RP just for showing up.