Monday, March 25, 2019

4 Gift Ideas Your Assassin Will Love

Salutations, nerds. Here's a little tidbit you'll never believe in a million years; it's been a quiet week for me and I don't have anything  I particularly feel like ranting about over here. I gotta blog anyway, so here's some homebrew loot.

Here are 4 items your assassin will love, you know, on the off chance they have a birthday coming up or a big loot drop or you just really like to over prepare for the holidays.

Content Warnings: D&D loot. They were made with wetwork in mind, but probably you could find reasons to use them that don't involve murder for profit. That said, if you are bothered by insinuated assassinry, irreverence, homebrew or the smell of orchids (sorry, I used a new hand moisturizer today and it's strong af) you might not want to click the link below.

Alright, I'm going to get out of my own way here and give y'all what you came to see. Here are some things a career killer will find useful, and hopefully, so will you.

Search and Destroy

Weapons (Daggers), Rare (Requires Attunement)
This pair of +1 daggers have wicked black blades, and at dawn of each day appear together in Search's location no matter how far away Destroy has gotten.
Once per short rest, you may hold Search flat along your palm and whisper the name of a target. Search will spin like a compass along your palm, then, and the point of the blade will point in the direction of your quarry as long as they are on the same plane of existence as you.
Once per long rest, you may use a bonus action to double the amount of damage Destroy has already done to a target that round. This applies to sneak attack and critical damage.
When you attune to these daggers, they only take up one slot.

Hood of Woven Shadows

Wondrous Item (Hood), Uncommon
This hood, when worn, renders the wearer faceless. They are still the same height and retain any scars and other identifying features, but the interior of the hood will appear as nothing but shadows.

Poisoner's Belt

Wondrous Item (Belt), Rare (Requires Attunement)
This supple leather belt cinches around the waist, and seems to magically alter its size depending on who is wearing it so that there is no extra leather beyond the buckle. Attached to this belt are three small pockets, each with a stoppered vial affixed within. Each vial fills at dawn. One contains an ingested poison, one contains a contact poison and the last, an injury poison, as determined by the DM each morning. If the poison is carried too far away from the belt it loses its potency. Any vial will fill with toxin as long as it is present in the belt's pocket that dawn.

Watcher Rat

Wondrous Item (Clockwork Rat), Uncommon
This clockwork rat is affixed with a key along the back and has a mouth that opens. When you write the name of a creature and roll it up, placing it in the mouth of the rat, then wind the key, it will follow the target given to it for a day and return to you as it winds down. The watcher rat will then produce the paper you placed into its mouth, and as you unroll it, you will receive an account of everything the rat witnessed while it was gone. 
If you do not know the name of the creature, it cannot be targeted, even by a title or a nickname. If the target is more than a day's travel away the rat will simply go as far as it can and turn back, giving you only the name. If the rat is destroyed or captured, it will not be able to return to you. For this reason, many assassins keep two or three.

Yeah, it always frustrates me that there isn't enough loot in D&D. But there's never enough loot in D&D, is there? There can always be more, always more fun things to give to your players. Please feel free to use these as you will. If you do, I'd appreciate the story, so feel free to comment if you do.

Fortune Favors,
Megan R. Miller

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